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Jan. 15, 2022

Buying a Home, From Home

Virtual Home Tours Facilitate Online Home Buying

Virtual home tours have been helping local and distant buyers for many years. Whether it's relocating military, an out-of-town investor, or a homeowner searching vacation homes from afar, this evolving technology makes finding a house long distance much more manageable.

Tech-savvy Realtors adopt ...

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Jan. 14, 2022

Should I Negotiate Repairs Before Closing?

Frequently Asked Question in Real Estate

Should I Negotiate Repairs Before Closing?

Q: The home inspection just completed on a home under contract turned up some issues. Should I insist they complete repairs before closing?

A: It depends. Everyone wants a smooth closing, and home inspection negotiations are where a deal ...

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Jan. 12, 2022

Find Off-Market Houses

Have you ever noticed a home that sold without even a for-sale sign in the yard? Often sold by word-of-mouth or as "pocket listings," these off-market properties may provide you an opportunity to see and purchase your dream home before it hits the market.

Click here to join our interest ...

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Jan. 1, 2022

Move-Up or a Second Home?

The Pandemic is Reshaping How & Where We Live

The pandemic has changed the way we live, including working and schooling remotely. These changes have impacted our priorities when choosing a home. For example, today's remote workforce demands move-up homes that offer more space and second homes that provide ...

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Dec. 28, 2021

Before You Buy, Inspect!

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime, so you should be sure that the home you want to buy is in good condition. As an informed buyer, you are more likely to be comfortable with your decision now and in the ...

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Dec. 27, 2021

5 Things to Know Before Buying A Home

We know that the home buying process is daunting; it might seem like you have a million tasks on your plate. Everyone is giving you advice, but where should you spend your time? We asked a recent first-time homebuyer what she wishes she knew before she bought her home. Here ...

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Dec. 15, 2021

Online Real Estate Search Tips

Maximizing the Web in Your Real Estate Search

Before selecting a real estate agent or buying a home, most consumers head to the Internet first. Researching homes and real estate agents online can get you ahead of the game when it comes to narrowing down your options. But with so ...

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Dec. 14, 2021

Winning Home Buying Tips

Don’t Make an Offer Until You Read This

Thinking about buying a home? Since it’s likely the single biggest investment you will ever make, being prepared will help you make a smarter purchase decision. Don’t make an offer until you read and understand these real estate insider tips.  Download ...

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Dec. 6, 2021

Five Steps to Obtaining a Mortgage

First Home Buyer? There's no Magic Shortcut But Buying a Home IS Possible.

Today's lending environment means that processing a mortgage application can be complex. Even those who have purchased homes before may need guidance with the number of steps that lenders, underwriters, and mortgage insurers must all ...

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Dec. 4, 2021

How to Make a Down Payment Possible

Five Down Payment Saving Tips

Does the prospect of a significant down payment make homeownership seem impossible? Wondering how much you should put towards a downpayment—overwhelmed with about a hundred other questions related to buying your first home? It’s not as out of reach as you might think ...

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