Get Your Home's Accurate Value

Getting your home’s value from a robot or an algorithm is fine until you need an accurate report. It is kind of like searching for your symptoms on WebMD. It's ok until you actually need a doctor.

There are many sites that you can use to get your home’s value, but unfortunately, they’re not as accurate as you may think. The sites even state (in the fine print of course) the need to supplement their reports with a Comparative Market Analysis from a real estate agent:

“We encourage buyers, sellers, and homeowners to supplement Zillow's information by doing other research such as getting a comparative market analysis (CMA) from a real estate agent"

So, to get your home’s accurate* value, click here.

How is our estimate different from a Zestimate and other online services?

Instead of a robot and an algorithm, we use our experience and up-to-date MLS data. A human being will prepare your report, and due to that, it won't be "instant," but it will be accurate.

Our home value reports are all researched thoroughly and made possible by years of experience and local expertise. Estimates from Zillow, OpenDoor, Redfin, or any online home evaluator using an algorithm is not a valid replacement for a comparative market analysis from a real estate agent.

Getting an "instant" home value is appealing and not having to talk to someone is attractive, but there's a cost to that approach. Instant doesn't mean accurate. When something is as important as the value of your home. Eric Slifkin, a Broker Associate at Keller Williams Realty, will personally prepare your report. "He guided me through every step of the selling process with knowledge and understanding. I am a first-time seller, so he was patient with all my questions as well." Get Your Report Now

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