4 Things to Avoid When Putting Your Home on the Market

Real Estate Tips and TopicsSo you've decided to put your home on the market. Congratulations! As you start checking things off your to-do list, it's also important to know what not to do. Here are a handful of things to avoid.

Don't over-improve. Updating the appliances or replacing that cracked cabinet in the bathroom are all great ideas. However, it's important not to over-improve or make improvements that are hyper-specific to your tastes. Make any needed fixes to your space, but don't go above and beyond—you may lose money doing so.

Don't over-decorate. Over-decorating is just as bad as over-improving. You may love the look of lace and lavender, but your potential buyer may enter your home and cringe. When prepping for sale, neutralize your decorating scheme, so it's more universally palatable.

Don't hang around. Your agent calls to let you know they will be bringing buyers by this afternoon. Great! Just make sure to leave the house before they come. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your space, not be confronted by you in your space. Get out of the house, take the kids with you, and if you can't leave for whatever reason, at least sit in the backyard. 

Don't take things personally. Real estate is a business, but buying and selling ho, they will need to replace your prized 1970s vintage shag carpet with something “more modern,” try not to raise your hackles.

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