How to Make a Home Inspector Happy (6 tips!)

Sweating an upcoming home inspection? Here are six tips that will make your home inspector happy and save time and money in the process:

Home Inspection

Everyone wants a smooth home inspection. Sellers, buyers, agents... everyone's rooting that this high-stakes moment passes without a hitch. Add to that list the home inspector, too! Save time, save money. If you're selling, there are things you can do to make the home inspector's job easier and help ensure the most accurate report possible.

1. Declutter your appliances. Get the pots off the stove, remove pans stored in the oven, take that bowl from the microwave, and check the washer and dryer bins for clothes. While all these appliances need to be tested, you don't want an inspector rummaging through your laundry or scorching a pot to do the job.

2. Replace burned-out lightbulbs. If a light switch doesn't work, the inspector must determine if it's a problem with the fixture itself. Take the time to hunt down those lightbulbs that might be out of the way, too... (Closets, attics, basements, guest rooms, etc.)

3. Keep access doors clear. You might have furniture blocking seldom-used crawlspace entrances, or the space for the pull-down stairs up to the attic may be obstructed. Clear these entryways to the inspector and save them the time and hassle of getting into hidden areas.

4. Be honest about what doesn't work. Don't deceive your home inspector or hope they'll overlook something. It's bound to come out, and failure to disclose home defects can be a legal hassle. For example, is the garbage disposal broken? Say so. Leave notes for the inspector or prepare them with an email message, etc.

5. Point out pumps and septic tank locations. If you have a healthy septic system, ensure these locations are clearly described for the inspector. Again, annotate a photo or draw a simple map if need be.

6. Check your smoke detectors. People forget to change batteries in smoke detectors, and if you've neglected yours (or taken them down to change batteries and left them in the garage!), double-check to make sure they're in place and functioning.

Naturally, this list assumes you've made any pre-inspection repairs you want to address. Want more information about the home inspection process? Get in touch with me today.

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