Homeowners associations (HOAs) ensure that property values are maintained at a high level. They manage maintenance and often manage community facilities like pools, gyms, and more. 

All About HOAS

A homeowner association is a legal organization responsible for maintaining and managing the common areas within a community. These common areas typically include pools, clubhouses, landscaping, parks, streets, and roads. The original HOA is often created by the community's developer, who establishes a set of rules called the "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions" (CC&Rs).

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All About HOA'sIt is a primary function of the HOA, among others, to enforce the CC&Rs and ensure that they are adhered to by the individual homeowners. Knowing all the other fees associated with the house (those outside your mortgage) is essential when determining if a home is within your price range. We're here to keep you well-informed and help you think through the tough decisions. Contact us today

Questions to Ask a Prospective HOA

-How much are the dues?

-What is the history of dues increases?

-Does it include building insurance?

-What are the insurance specifics, and what insurance will you be required to carry besides coverage provided by the HOA?

-Are there HOA budget reserves for repairs? Also, look at maintenance contracts like landscaping, security, snow removal, etc. Do they look reasonable to you? Is one of the HOA members also one of the contractors?

Other Considerations

-See how much the transfer fees and capital reserve requirements are when you close and negotiate to have the seller pay for them, if applicable.

-Find out how many units are owner-occupied vs. rented out. The HOA will know this. You may want to pass on the unit if it's higher than about 10 percent rentals.

Check the current status of all the membership dues. How many units are in the HOA, and how many are past due, and how much?

-Get the minutes from the past year's HOA meetings. Reviewing them will tell you how stringent they are and what violations trigger actions against residents.


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