Owning a pet has all kinds of benefits. They provide companionship, can guard the home, and can even help you live longer.

Moving to a new home can be stressful for everyone, including your pets. To keep your furry friend happy during the transition and help them adapt, there are some things you can do when introducing your pet to a new home to make it less stressful.

Casey the Dog

Before you move, try to keep the clutter of moving out of your old home to a minimum so that your pet doesn't get injured or stressed. If you've ever seen your dog become anxious when you pull luggage out of the garage so you can pack for a trip, imagine what they're thinking when everything at home is being boxed.

It can also help to have your pet's belongings in a box on move-in day to make the transition easier. Keep the container with you so that it doesn't get lost.

Be sure to include your pet's leash, treats, toys, blanket, waste bags, a crate or carrier, water and bowls, and food.

If possible, show your pet around your new home before you move in, as there are a lot of new smells and areas to explore. First, let him pick out his favorite room. Next, inspect the backyard and make sure gates latch close, there aren't gaps for your dog to escape, and there aren't any poisonous plants that can harm your dog.

The moving day will likely be chaotic. Loud sounds, a new home, and movers who your pet doesn't know can be frightening. Find a place that helps them feel safe during the move, such as a room with all their belongings or a doggy gate to keep them in a room for most of the day.

Please give them a few walks to help relieve stress. You can also hire a dog walker or take them to a pet daycare facility for the day.

Relocation Guide

It may take a while for dogs and cats to adjust to a new home. Make it easier by having consistent mealtimes and bedtimes for your pets. Also, put their food and water bowls in a designated area so they learn where they can eat and drink.

Show them around the new home so they can familiarize themselves with the new space and the rooms.

Walk them around the new neighborhood, which they'll love and will probably look forward to exploring with you. Introduce them to neighbors and delivery workers, showing your pets and other people that there's nothing to be afraid of in the new environment. And be sure to check in with your neighbors to see if they have dogs that your dog can meet to curtail territorial barking and other problems, hopefully.

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