Top of the Indian Street Bridge

Our first drive across the new Veterans Memorial Bridge in Palm City reminded me of an amusement park ride. Commonly referred to as the Indian Street Bridge, the Palm City side begins with a meandering access ramp that merges into the span. The roadway brings you across the St. Lucie River then swoops down onto the Kanner Highway exit ramp. Along the way you will be impressed with panoramic views of the river, the Palm City Bridge to the north, and Stuart to the east. The ride back offers spectacular views of Palm City.

On another visit we decide to take advantage of the walkway and strolled to the top of the bridge. From that vantage point you get a birds-eye view of Stuart, Palm City, and the natural beauty of the surrounding  area. Lots of folks had the same idea that day; we even ran into several acquaintances.

Over fifty years in the making, the bridge was designed for cars and pedestrians alike and is a success on both counts. Despite the controversy and protests along the way, the Veterans Memorial Bridge is an asset to Martin County.