Improving a "Flawed" Property

Easy Fixes to Improve Your Listing

As listing agents, we always solicit feedback from other brokers who show our properties. Contrary to what you might expect, when a buyer "passes" on your house, the reason often has more to do with first impressions rather than the home's features. Here are our top three buyer turnoffs that can be easily fixed to help get your home sold faster and for more money:

Flooring Issues

Marred wood flooring, worn carpeting, and outdated linoleum can be a huge turnoff. Buyers might take one step inside and scratch the property from their list.

Pre-existing Water Stains

Leftover water stains from old plumbing issues may mislead buyers into thinking a problem still exists. Ensure that the problem indeed is fixed, and then make any needed repairs.

Nasty Looking Grout

Discolored or cracked grout can be a turnoff- new grout can make old floors look revived.

Ask your Realtor to critique your home and point out conditions that need to be corrected. Repairing or replacing items of concern often result in a quicker sale, for more money, while recouping the cost of repairs at resale.


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