If you have plantation-style shutters in your home, then you likely know they can be a pain to clean. With so many surfaces, corners and cracks, it can be hard to really get in there and wipe away grime and dust that builds up. Whether you have shutters on your closet doors or windows, below is a five step system for getting them squeaky clean. 

Plantaion ShuttersDust first. If you have a duster, run it between your shutter panels to uproot dust and dirt particles. The longer it’s been since your last cleaning, the dustier your shutters are likely to be.

Vacuum. If you have a small, narrow attachment for your vacuum cleaner, pop it on and suck up the dust you stirred up with your duster.

Wipe. Using a clean cloth or rag, wipe down your shutters. By now, they should be looking pretty good.

Detail. Use a toothbrush to get into the shutter hinges and cracks for a thorough cleaning.

Polish. Rub down your shutters with furniture polish to give them a sleek shine. Try to avoid soap and water on your shutters. Over time, this type of cleaning can warp the wood.