Are Savings and Simplicity in Your Future?

Choosing to downsize can be both an exciting and emotional decision. But is it the correct choice? Download our guide and get all the answers!

What is Downsizong?

Downsizing Your Home can be an Exciting Time.

Scaling down doesn't mean taking a step back. On the contrary, it opens a world of new possibilities. Downsizing your home can be an exciting and overwhelming time. Many feel liberated as they get rid of the possessions they no longer need, while others feel increasingly anxious. 

For those downsizing a home, they have lived in for many years—decades, even—the downsizing process can be particularly daunting. Below are four tips for easing the downsize.

4 Tips for Easing Your Downsize

  1. Hold an estate sale—partner with an estate sales group to facilitate the auction or sale of belongings at the house.
  2. Contact an auction house. Consider letting an auction house take over the sale of high-end valuables such as antique furniture, artwork, or collectibles.
  3. Donate to a charity. Are you thinking about passing some possessions to those in need? Call the charity (for example, Salvation Army or Goodwill) to give them a list of the items to be donated.
  4. Hire a paper-shredding service. Because financial, bank, and private documents can contain confidential information, Gunderson says it is vital to practice caution when removing them from the house.



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