Our 30-Day Easy Exit Listing Option

When you list your home through our 30-Day EASY EXIT Listing Option, you can cancel any time after the first month if you are unhappy with the marketing services you receive.

The Details

If you are unhappy with the service we are providing you in the marketing of your property after the first 30 days, let us know in writing about the problem and give us ten days to fix it. If you are still unhappy, send us a notice in writing to terminate the listing, and it will be canceled the next business day with no further obligation or costs to you (see exceptions below).

The Exceptions

Our 30-Day Easy Exit Listing Option is effective after the first 30 days service. This option is offered with an executed full-service Listing Agreement, for a minimum six-month term, and 6% commission. It is ONLY specific to our performance while marketing your property and is not applicable to any other instance or circumstance. The client may not void the Listing Agreement for any purpose relating to disposal of commissions owed, and for situations relating to, but not limited to agent/brokerage circumvention due to direct contact with a buyer or regardless of how a buyer found out about the property. All other terms and conditions of the Listing Agreement remain in full force and effect. If there is an accepted offer or pending negotiations, the listing cannot be released. Broker protections will remain in force as per the terms of the Listing Agreement.


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